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President’s Notes – December 2018

In the aftermath of the “Camp” fire, the broader community finds endless needs.   Our friends at the California Bluegrass Association, CBA, are raising funds to aid in the purchase of instruments for the fire survivors.   “Every dime raised is further validation of the power of our Associations to care for and nurture the dual traditions of bluegrass and old-time and the people who love them.”   I encourage those who are able, to join the CBA fund raising effort at:  

Many of us will be traveling over the holidays and protecting your instrument is crucial.   The following links may offer some helpful advice.

There are often many new faces at SCVFA.  My attempts to greet each of you personally do not always succeed, so accept a warm welcome to our group.  Tell your friends and family about us and encourage them to join in with the joy of music. There is no requirement to play an instrument.   We all love an audience when playing for the open mic.

Are you a photographer, social media junkie, sound guru, or tech savvy?   We can use you talent and skills. Wanna help… even in a small way? Come talk to me or email president – at –

Sunday, December 2nd is our annual holiday potluck.  Bring a dish to share and celebrate the holiday season.   Plan to share some of your favorite seasonal music at the open mic.    Special thanks go to Cheri Palasek for the organizing the meal as well as Lee Clark and Barb Pesavento for the table centerpieces and Charlotte for the coffee service.

“Afters”  was at Sam’s Bar-B-Que last month.   A small group attended for some good food and fine conversation.   We will not meet for “Afters” in December in lieu of the holiday potluck

November marked the clock rollback to Pacific Standard Time and the return to Hoover School.    Thanks to Dave Thomas, Bill Boiko, and Wes Mitchell for leading the jam groups and Pete Showman as jam manager.   Endless thanks to Dinah and Charlotte for greeting folks as they manage the admission table every month.   Thanks to everyone who volunteers to make the SCVFA jam happen.

Volunteers are what keeps SCVFA going and it’s a great way to connect with more musicians.

It takes a village…  Let’s all do our part.    

– Susan

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