President's Corner

President’s Notes – February 2019

February 3rd is the Annual Meeting and Election Day for SCVFA.

I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to our two outgoing trustees, Bert Raphael and Wes Mitchell. I appreciate all the work they have done over the years and all that I know they
will continue to do to keep our fiddle association strong. We need your presence, as paid up members, to make quorum at our Membership Meeting on February 3rd. Good news! You can join or rejoin that day at the jam and take part in the voting. We take credit cards and real cash. To minimize interference with jamming, I will keep the “State of our Fiddlers Association” speech brief. We will start the meeting at 2:30pm and there will be no Tune Builder.

January arrived with windy, cold and rainy weather, but a dedicated group of musicians rocked the Hoover school cafeteria, a classroom and the kitchen. There’s nothing like
music to warm your soul. I spent that same time warming my soul with old musician friends in Pittsburgh, PA at the “Hambones” jam. The temperature was in the 20’s but the music was hot.

If you are new to SCVFA, I extend my warmest welcome. My attempts to greet each of you personally do not always succeed, so please look for me at the jam and introduce yourself. Let everyone know about SCVFA and encourage them to join us. There is no requirement to play an instrument. We all love an audience.

“Afters” is the time to put down your instruments and get to know one another. Join us immediately following the February jam at “Chipotle” for good conversation and
good food. 975 The Alameda, San Jose.

Thanks to Sam Schillace for leading the kitchen Slow Jam and Gary Breitbard for leading Tune Builder. Thank you, Bert and Anne Raphael, as jam manager and sound
equipment transporters. As always, thanks Dinah and Charlotte for greeting folks at the admission table every month. Thanks to everyone who volunteers to make the
SCVFA jam happen.

If you are a photographer, social media junkie, sound guru, or tech savvy, we can use your talent and skills. Wanna help… even in a small way? Come talk to me or email
president [at]

Volunteers are what keeps SCVFA going and it’s a greatway to connect with more musicians.

It takes a village… Let’s all do our part.

– Susan

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