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There are three groups of tunes below. The first group has tunes that have been led in the “Slow Jam” (a.k.a. the “Real Slow Jam”) started by Topher Heath in December 2014. Some of these are reprinted from our newsletter, the Fiddler’s Rag. There are also MIDI files that you can listen to, provided at both ends of the Slow Jam’s speed range: 90 and 60 bpm (beats per minute).

The second group presents a few tunes that were taught in workshops (including the Tune Builder) that were held during SCVFA jams, and for which we have sheet music.

The final group comprises tunes that were taught during the first two years of our original Beginners’ Circle slow jam.

A few tunes may appear, possibly in different arrangements, in more than one group.

Slow Jam Tunes (2015+)

Sheet music and listenable MIDI files for most of the tunes that have been led in the Slow Jam are in the table below, along with with the dates they were introduced into the Slow Jam (and dates revised, if applicable). Many of the tunes are also available as a single multi-page PDF in the Slow Jam Tune Collection (as of September 2016; 25 tunes, 31 pages).
Tunes marked with a gold star are on the Slow-Jam “active” list as of March 2018.

Tunes (click or tap for PDFs) MIDIs (click/tap to hear) Intro. (revised?)
  Angeline the Baker aka Angelina Baker (D) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 9/15
  Arkansas Traveler (D) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 4/15
  Barlow Knife (G) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 3/18
  Cripple Creek (A)
(from the Aug. 2015 Fiddler’s Rag)
Simple MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
Notey MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
  Girl I Left Behind Me, The (G)
(with Liberty, from the Aug. 2015 Fiddler’s Rag)
MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 1/15
 Hot Corn, Cold Corn (G)

MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 7/15
  Irish Washerwoman (G; from the Beginners’ Circle 12/07) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 3/15
  Jaybird (D) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 11/15
  June Apple (A Mix. = 2 sharps), from the Aug. 2016 Fiddler’s Rag MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 8/16
  Kesh Jig, The (G; from the Beginners’ Circle 11/05) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 2/15
  Liberty (D) (with The Girl I Left Behind Me,
from the Aug. 2015 Fiddler’s Rag)
MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 1/15
  Liberty (D; 2 versions) Simple MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
Fancier MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
  Long Journey Home (Two Dollar Bill) (G) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 5/15
  Mississippi Sawyer (D) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 11/15
  Mountain Dew (G) (in the October 2015 Fiddler’s Rag) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 5/15
  Old Joe Clark (A Mixolydian, or mixed) MIDIs (A&G chords): 90 bpm / 60 bpm
MIDIs (A,G&E chords): 90 bpm / 60 bpm
  Over the Waterfall (A)
(from the Nov. 2015 Fiddler’s Rag)
Simple MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
Notey MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
  Red-Haired Boy (A Mix.) (as hornpipe and reel) hornpipe MIDIs: 80 bpm / 60 bpm
reel MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
 Red Wing (G) (1907 song by Kerry Mills)
instrumental melody PDF, plus lyrics
simpler singing melody PDF, with lyrics:
Red Wing MIDIs:
Instrumental: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
Singing melody: 90 bpm  / 60 bpm
  Shoo Fly (D) MIDIs (2x, with chords both ways): 90 bpm / 60 bpm 3/18
  Soldier’s Joy (D; 2 versions) Simple MIDI: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
Fancier MIDI: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
  Squirrel Hunters (A Mixolydian = 2 sharps) MIDIs: 90 bpm (2x) / 60 bpm 4/16
  St. Anne’s Reel (D) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 8/16
  Swallowtail Jig (E Dorian = 2 sharps) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 8/16
  Whiskey Before Breakfast (D; 2 versions) Version 1 MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
Version 2 MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm
  Wildwood Flower (C) (March 2016 Fiddler’s Rag) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 1/15
  Will the Circle Be Unbroken (A) (January 2016 Fiddler’s Rag) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 5/15
  Worried Man Blues (G) (December 2015 Fiddler’s Rag) MIDIs: 90 bpm / 60 bpm 2/15

Slow Jam tune list updated 3/30/2018.

Tunes from Some SCVFA Workshops

These are tunes taught in a few SCVFA-sponsored workshops. As above, sheet music in PDF form and related MIDI files to listen to are provided — and in some cases, recordings from the workshops.

Tunes (click or tap for PDFs) MIDI/Audio (click to listen)
Tunes from the Tune Builder circle
January 1, 2017 Tune Builder — two jigs; led by Cindy Dinga
Out on the Ocean (D) and Rose in the Heather (D) Out on the Ocean, 100 bpm MIDI /
Rose in the Heather, 100 bpm MIDI
Harry Liedstrand String-Band Workshop Nov. 6, 2016
Cottonwood Reel (D+G) and Texas Barbed Wire (G)
(From the December 2016 Fiddler’s Rag)
Cottonwood Reel, 90 bpm MIDI /
Texas Barbed Wire, 90 bpm MIDI
Sandy (My Little Dog …) (D) Sandy, 90 bpm MIDI
Blaine Sprouse Workshop March 1, 2015
Roxanne’s Waltz by Kenny Baker (Blaine Sprouse’s version) Roxanne’s, 40 mpm MIDI
Roxanne’s Waltz, played by
Blaine Sprouse, March 2015.

Tunes from the Early Beginners’ Circle

These are tunes led during the first two years of the Beginners’ Circle, from late 2005 to late 2007. Initially the BC was a combination mentored slow jam and tune-learning session. But over time it evolved to be mainly a tune-teaching session aimed at intermediate players, so in 2015 it was renamed the “Tune Builder”.)

Each tune is available as sheet music in PDF form. Many also have MIDI and/or MP3 audio files you can listen to (see note below), usually at a slow speed such as 60 bpm (beats per minute) as well as at a typical playing speed such as 90 or 100 bpm. In some cases, mainly waltzes, the speed listed may be in mpm (measures per minute), e.g. 40 mpm would be 120 bpm in 3/4.

You can get most of the sheet music for the older tunes in one PDF file (~1.2 MB), or get the pages individually below.

Individual Tunes, Listed Alphabetically

Tune names (click for PDFs) MIDI Files (small) MP3 Files (large)
Arkansas Traveler (OT*) 60 bpm  90 bpm 60 bpm  90 bpm
Battle of Manassas/Abe’s Retreat (1 & 2) (OT*) v1, 45 bpm  75 bpm 45 bpm  75 bpm
Battle of Manassas (ver 2) v2, 45 bpm  75 bpm 45 bpm  75 bpm
Boy’s Lament For His Dragon (Scot.) (No audio files)
Cold Frosty Morning (OT) 55 bpm  90 bpm 55 bpm  90 bpm
The Eighth of January (OT/BG*) (No audio files)
Fisher’s Hornpipe (Irish/OT) 80 bpm (No mp3)
The Girl I Left Behind Me (OT) (No audio files)
Hollow Poplar (OT) 60 bpm  95 bpm 60 bpm  95 bpm
Josephine’s Waltz / Josefin’s dopvals (OT) (No audio files)
Joys of Quebec (Fr. Can.) 55 bpm  90 bpm 55 bpm  90 bpm
Juliann Johnson (OT) 60 bpm  90 bpm 60 bpm  90 bpm
Kesh Jig (Irish) (No audio files)
Kitchen Girl (New England), and info. on modes 55 bpm  90 bpm 55 bpm  90 bpm
Liberty 1 & 2 (OT) v1, 50 bpm  90 bpm v1, 50 bpm  90 bpm
v2, 50 bpm  90 bpm v2, 50 bpm  90 bpm
Miller’s Reel (OT) 90 bpm (No mp3)
New Five Cents (Buffalo Nickel) (OT) 65 bpm  100 bpm 65 bpm  100 bpm
Possum Up A Gum Stump (OT) (No audio files)
Rickett’s Hornpipe (OT) (No audio files)
Road to Lisdoonvarna (Irish) 60 bpm  100 bpm 60 bpm  100 bpm
Salt Creek / Salt River (2 variations) (BG) 65 bpm  100 bpm 65 bpm  100 bpm
MIDI for Salt Creek variation 65 bpm  100 bpm
Sandy River Belle (OT*)
And you can see a video of a banjo version here on YouTube.
60 bpm  90 bpm 60 bpm  90 bpm
Soldier’s Joy (3 variations; OT/BG) (No audio files)
Soldier’s Joy (3 var. with drones)
Spotted Pony (OT) 60 bpm  90 bpm 60 bpm  90 bpm
Temperance Reel (aka Teetotaler Reel) (OT/BG) 65 bpm  100 bpm 65 bpm  100 bpm
Tombigbee Waltz (OT*) (No audio files)
Waltz of the Toys (French traditional) (No audio files)
Wild Rose of the Mountain (OT, J.P. Fraley) 70 bpm Video with J.P. Fraley and Ali Bain
Special Combinations
Making a Medley by Transposing Tunes — Mark Llewellyn
Devil’s Dream in A and D (OT/BG), 55 bpm  90 bpm 55 bpm  90 bpm
Chicken Reel (D) & 55 bpm  90 bpm 55 bpm  90 bpm
Turkey in the Straw (D) (OT) 55 bpm  90 bpm 55 bpm  90 bpm
Audio of the whole medley: 55 bpm 90 bpm 55 bpm  90 bpm
Four Scandinavian tunes from Sarah Kirton. Get the PDF with sheet music for all four tunes. The MIDI files are from the sources listed in the PDF file. The MP3s are from Sarah’s playing at our January 2007 Jam.
Äppelbo Gånglåt / Gånglåt från Äppelbo (Sweden) 55 bpm  84 bpm 84 bpm (S.K.)
Orevalsen [“Waltz from Ore”] (Norway) 100 bpm  140 bpm 150 bpm (S.K.)
Norrbommen [lit. “North Pole”] (Sweden) 60 bpm  105 bpm 100 bpm (S.K.)
Glalåten [“Glad Song”] (Sweden) (Folkets Hus version) 85 bpm  132 bpm 117 bpm (S.K.)
Glalåten (Abacci Music version) 85 bpm  132 bpm

*OT=old-time, BG=bluegrass, Ir=Irish

Note: MIDI files are small (about 4-16 kB), as they only contain instructions to the sound card on your computer, which makes the actual sound. The quality varies considerably depending on your computer. MP3 files are audio files that should sound the same on most systems — but they’re much larger (about 300kB to 1MB). And almost all of these MP3s are made from the MIDIs (sorry!), so try the MIDIs first.
Old Beginners’ Circle tune list updated 11/18/2016 (moved Roxann’s Waltz).

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